Best AliExpress Hair Review Sellers List

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Last updated on October 30th, 2017 at 09:39 am

AliExpress Hair Review – Top hair extensions vendors list

I make this list from 2014 when I bought my first aliexpress hair extenions,wigs and natural hair from AliExpress.Besides this I research on hair forums,hair blogs , youtube aliexpress hair review videos , I saw hundred unboxing videos and real pictures and read thousond of articles about aliexpress hair sellers and vendors.This hair vendors list contains all aliexpress trusted sellers and they are verified by the people around the world.Down is a list of over 200 Best AliExpress Hair Sellers and a gallery of unboxing hair.  Generally we love Youtube because it give other perspective in our every day life. It can assist to determine if the Aliexpress hair seller we’re considering is good or not. Always I browse infinte Youtube hair video opinions and test most popular AliExpress hair review extensions,newest buyer feedbacks constructive or unfavourable. I wrote this article to support girls and all people who want to buy best hair extensions from trusted hair vendors from AliExpress.Check to see if there’re some good hair sellers you still don’t know or don’t bought yet from them.

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    Check AliExpress hair extensions sellers who have store on Amazon. Advantages:
    • Fast shipping from USA Amazon warehouse
    • Cheap price (because of Amazon logistics and shipping from USA)


    Here is big list of tested Aliexpress hair extensions sellers which can be trust (in rating order too):



    Top 10 Hair Sellers from Aliexpress – based on number of sales and feedback


    TOP 10 Recommended AliExpress Hair Sellers 2018

    Trending Rising Stars Perfect – Growing Hair Stores in past year

    From   (4 diamonds) to  (5 diamonds)


    AliExpress Hair Stores – Growing Sellers and Vendors from past year

    From   (3 diamonds) to  (4 diamonds) – also check down for more cool growings from 1 diamond to 5 !


    Holding position stores with  (3 diamonds)



    Increased rapidly stores : Good to consider!


     Amazing from (5 medals) to 2-3-4 diamonds 


    Tested Hair sellers OK – In order of their growing from  (1 diamond)



    There are many types of aliexpress hair reviews extensions.Below are some AliExpress hair reviews. Natural extensions are by far the prettiest, and also the safest in the aliexpress stores listed above. Natural hair extensions allow to obtain a result closer to reality and therefore almost unimaginable. Natural extensions are indeed chosen to be closer to your hair type, in terms of the caliber of your hair than their quality or color.

    As for any installation, the aliexpress hair sellers offer details in description and in private message , so you can ask them about what hair extension, brazilian, queen, or wig is best for you consiering what you want and: thickness and quality of hair, volume, color, condition … This options allows sellers to precisely define the extensions that you will apply, whether in terms of nature or hair coloring used for extensions.The aliexpress hair store control directly the products from their warehgouses in China, USA or Russia so from 3 contintes: Asia,America and Europe. Usually they ship your hair products with free shipping by DHL same day or next.Shipping is very fast and take care of your custom taxes.

    AliExpress hair sellers are treated to meet Western standards. Length, color calibration: there are hundreds of different extensions!

    How long hold natural hair extensions? Extensions can take four to five months, depending on how fast your hair grows: the longer you wait, the more attachment points may be. The care that you take their maintenance is also important: every day, you need to carefully brush the hair morning and evening. In addition and if you have weak hair, we would highly recommend you to keep two to three months maximum, at the risk of weakening your hair.

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    Aliexpress Brazilian Hair Review

    Women are known for extraordinary demanding in terms of hair beauty in this particular way aliexpress brazilian hair. A pretty normal without a beautiful hairstyle and sensual beauty of a woman is not complete. Why not opt for aliexpress brazilian hair? Applying aliexpress hair extensions is also a trend of the moment. In addition, Brazilian hair are known for their outstanding quality. This aliexpress brazilian hair review extension uses natural hair that you can shape as you like. Application is made with keratin close to the root without having to irritate. Professional stylists do hair at this process, which makes the process to last several hours. The result will be worth the wait. You have a gorgeous hairstyle and a very natural look.

    Aliexpress Queen Hair Review

    The quality of these extensions aliexpress queen hair is different from all other extensions through the thickness range, quantity and quality of their unique! They are considered a real must-have celebrity around the world through its benefice, beauty and sensuality that gives a woman who wears them. Ultra-small clips to make the application easier than ever. Aliexpress queen hair review recommend range for a look worthy of the red carpet, awards or very important event. All aliexpress queen hair products are handmade, set by set, guaranteeing a higher resistance and a more full of them.

    Aliexpress Virgin Hair Review

    The aliexpress virgin hair are natural hair, thread remy (wires are placed together just as they were cut), which makes aliexpress virgin hair behave naturally moving and prevent tangles but natural hair “virgin” known around world meeting the supreme qualities. Aliexpress virgin hair is grade 4, 95% hair is the same length, then increase the amount of hair and drops dramatically spinning appearance of peaks, which are perfectly equal. In hair dye use natural dyesfrom plants specifically designed to not harm but protect the hair, shades palette is varied as possible. Aliexpress virgin hair reviews that have wavy or curly hair are not created by the means of permanent hair is naturally wavy or curly, only use special techniques to improve their appearance. Fastening systems-fixing are high quality products manufactured and attached aliexpress virgin hair review manually for their longer lives. The substance is used for mounting extensions keratin (the natural substance, nutrition and protein) and no silicone (plastic).

    Aliexpress Weave Review

    I personally am extremely excited about aliexpress weave clip-on extensions and recommend them whether you want more volume and then take the same length of your hair, or you want longer hair for an occasion or event. Not to wear every day (unless you have very much free time) but occasionally are excellent and increasingly more people using them. The aliexpress weave review are preferable to the micro-rings or keratin that do not damage the hair in any way.

    AliExpress Peruvian Hair Review

    AliExpress peruvian hair are very professional, their hair is among the highest quality in the aliexpress market and have a variety of colors to choose from. In addition,aliexpress peruvian hair review strands with highlights and I have sent them a picture of my hair daylight advise me what color to choose. I went on their hand and took “Parisian Highlights” even though to me it seemed like it would fit better and better … I did, because aliexpress peruvian hair matched perfectly!

    AliExpress Wigs Review

    AliExpress Wigs offers exclusive 7A hair collection. A collection designed for people with hair problems or who simply want to look better! The prices is in relation to the quality offered! Whether you want to shine for an event, or want to have a normal life, here aliExpress wigs reviews you can find all the support and all the information you need! AliExpress Hair is generally awesome quality and less expensive than the majority of other hair vendors you’ll find online or anywhere in the world . But this depend of sellers,here is an update list of lasts hair vendors tested and lower is huge list with over 100 Best AliExpress Hair Sellers.

    Aliexpress Indian Hair Review

    Indian indeed have a similar hair to that of Western women, unlike Asian women, for example, which have much thicker hair. Indian hair is also particularly popular with hair extensions companies, as they are called hair “virgin” they received no treatment, no coloration that could affect their quality. AliExpress indian hair sellers collect the hair to their manufacture factory from an averge of 20,000 are people who give their hair!

    Best AliExpress Hair Review Sellers List
    4.8 (95.29%) 34 votes

    This post is also available in: esEspañol frFrançais ruРусский

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    1. Roxh says:

      Luvin has never failed me. the hair is always great. doesn’t shed or tangle. it last me 6+ months. I also bought a silk base and it’s great like the bundles. I also dyed the hair which I usually do. (Luvin Official Store)

    2. alexamaya says:

      This is 2nd time ordering from this Ali Peerles because of your site and I love the hair so much,soft and full and fast shipping.I order the closure with bundles together to make sure the curl is matched.

    3. Vivien Co says:

      New Star Hair NEVER disappoints. It’s been 4 years & I’ve always received quality hair & great customer service. Thank you!!!! Shipping is always fast, 3 days. However this time it was lightning fast!!!! I received my order in 1 day! Believe it. 🙂

    4. FQuenny says:

      Hair is always on point. Always soft and silky. Been ordering with Honey Queen for over three years now, never disappoint. Hair came just in time for an install… Keep it up guys, always a pleasure

    5. queen says:

      My first time ordering with help of this hair list . i haven’t installed my hair in yet . so far I Love It. it doesn’t have a bad smell to it and it do not shed Thank You I will come back with more pictures when i install .

    6. Debra Bracamontes says:

      Hi there very nice aliexpress hair list!! .. Beautiful .. Amazing .. I bookmark your blog and take the feeds additionally…I am glad to find numerous useful aliexpress hair reviews right here in the submit, we’d like work out more strategies in this regard, thanks for sharing.

    7. chinky_mumu says:

      This is the second time I’ve ordered hair from this top hair list and that was from ali queen official store, back in 2015 I had those bundles for two years till now , I still have those bundles . I personally didn’t have no shedding till after like 6 months , there’s is no tangleing at all . The vendor is awesome with communication, Ordered my hair on Monday and received it early Thursday morning . It came in a beautiful package that you can put it in I do have videos on my instagram of the hair from 2015 and I have videos of the new bundles I put my Instagram up so I can check it out: @chinky_mumu . Best Aliexpress hair vendor .

    8. DavidFruth says:

      haha 🙂 I bought random for my girlfriend, i still dont get the difference between hair extensions but she was soooo happy and than i was happy too. This list was a life saver 🙂 🙂 🙂

    9. Maya Sauerbry says:

      that’s good, thanks for sharing,.. I think this is great aliexpress blog

    10. This list is not accurate.

      • mmJesse says:

        Thanks for feedback! We try to update as frequently we can, but there are over 100 sellers in this AliExpress Hair Reviews List and we must be sure if there are bad sellers and we will remove them.We try to offer accurate informations based on concrete evidence.

    11. Aliceder says:

      Beauty forever has never failed me. the hair is always great. doesn’t shed or tangle. it last me 6+ months. I also bought a silk base and it’s great like the bundles. I also dyed the hair which I usually do. Great list!

    12. Elenaarrow says:

      I was very skeptical about this hair list because it was so big and i doubt somebody will spend this huge time to build it,but it is legit! I ordered 2 bundles to add to some hair I already had. This hair is full from top to bottom. I am happy and can’t wait to test more sellers 🙂

    13. Annahal says:

      I’ve been buying from this hair list since Feb2015. I’ve never had any problems. I get the hair made into full and U Part wigs so that it actually lasts longer from the wefts being sealed and almost never cut. The hair is inexpensive yet good!tks Jessie !

    14. Clara's says:

      Love the hair from ALI GRACE!!!! Came in less than a week, my first time ordering and definitely will not be my last! Seller is GREAT with product communication!!!

    15. Irma says:

      The whole process was excellent, it was fast and the hair is banging, definitely going to order again from Luvin Official Store. Thank you Amanda 🙂 and thanks for this list where i found her.

    16. Shelly says:

      Hello, just wondering if you ever circled back around to some of these vendors? Because Ali Moda and Mocha hair quality has gone waaaaaaay down…..maybe some of these vendors need to be removed from this list?

      • mmJesse says:

        Hi Shelly, thanks for feedback. It need a lot of work and research but of course this aliexpress hair reviews list need some clean and refresh for closed shops. We looking everytime to improve our readers experience 🙂

    17. Blog says:

      Thanks for this aliexpress hair sellers list !!!

    18. sofancy says:

      I am so thankful for this list it saves me a lot of time and spend me a lot of money ! 🙂 🙂

    19. Larissa says:

      Firstly, I have never ever had customer service like what niki gave to me!!! She was wonderful!!! Very attentive and quickly responded!!! Now the hair……it was nicely packaged, it feels so soft and has a very normal smell!!I highly recommend HoneyQueenHair Store !!!

    20. tiffany says:

      Has anyone tried hair from ? I have been seeing a lot of ads running for them on facebook lately.

    21. Vanessa says:

      thanks for the list ! i just made a shopping spree lol

    22. ada says:

      hi this is ada from Dream hair factory, we are top leading hair factory in China.
      We have been on hair business more than 15 years.
      Any questions, please feel free to contact me.

    23. Timikis P. says:

      Has anyone bought hair from this company irhair ,i have a hair shop and want to buy wholesale,a friend recommend me this company,does anyone know?

    24. Timikis P. says:

      has anyone tried ? i have a human hair shop and want to buy wholesale,does anyone know it?

      • mmJesse says:

        i dont used irhair before, but you can choose without problems or stress a dropshipping seller from this list, especially from top 10 aliexpress hair sellers

    25. Sara says:

      Excellent info but ali express is relatively expensive, this is my personal experience.

    26. mmJesse says:

      List is updated on 30 October 2017
      Also check Aliexpress hair vendors which have stores on Amazon:

    27. Cash says:

      Hello the pic review up top for Peruvian Hair is from which company ?

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