How to Sell $100,000 in Hair Extension Business Plan

How to Sell $100,000 in Hair Extension Business Plan

Last updated on December 8th, 2017 at 04:11 pm

How to start hair extension business plan tutorial

Hair extension business is a good choice not only for the moment, is long term business which is based on trust and perseverance because hair extensions, natural wavy, kinky,  or straight, clip in, brazilian or peruvian have high demand for diffrent reasons and are very profitable. Is a large and expanding industry that brings profits to the entrepreneur. To have a profitable hair extension business requires researching and passion.

In this guide we will try to simplify a business plan for hair extensions, presenting the main steps and providing hair extension suppliers. We hope the  Trust Sellers hair extension business guide gives you insight and motivation in reaching your dreams and your abundance. And do not forget to add a twist to the plan, which can be crucial to success in business.



Getting Started Selling Hair extenesions

An effective cost choice by starting this business is an online store, cutting off the cost of renting an offline store and through the power of online marketing. But do not let yourself pressed by the pressure of an online store. It’s simpler than it looks, you can even start selling on social media. There are plenty of success stories with people with no experience in IT that have built hair business empires starting with baby steps.


Basic steps for a hair extensions business plan:

  • Branding
  • Supplier
  • Webite
  • Marketing

Each step has its particularities that you adapt according to your preferences and target audience . For example, you are calculating your budget, product price  or starting quantity.



Products Can Be Copied and Replaced but Brands Are Unique.

If we take for example big success companies such as Starbucks, Coca Cola or Apple, a major motivation for consumers who buy their products is due to the brand.

Large amounts of money are being invested, but also time to create a brand that people loves. It’s important and more profitable to have customers who come back and buy from you because they like it and don’t choose between other sellers.


hair extension business branding



Hair extension suppliers



ALIEXPRESS had incredible sales in hair extensions last years and with Aliexpress brand recognition, many chinese hair brands allowed them to grow FROM A SMALL BUSINESS TO AN INTERNATIONAL ONE! Now, beside selling on Aliexpress for new costumers,some have their websites with loyal costumers, steady and increasing sales every month.

For a better understanding you can check the Aliexpress Hair Suppliers list above and research yourself their marketing strategy and management.



If Aliexpress hair suppliers managed to get big on the market due to Aliexpress, now DHGate is the next big step for new brands to become more than a small hair extension business. Following the same business model of Aliexpress hair extensions suppliers, new hair sellers have substantial leads and sales due DHGate brand increasing.



AMAZON giant, offers you all features for a good brand recognition, but there is a big cons: the fees! If you can manage to have a good profit after the fees, Amazon is a big step for your small business.







Website is not anymore a thing only for nerds or specific computer education, I mean there are websites that teach you how to create one, or even websites that creates other websites! For a total newbie, best choose is SHOPIFY, because is very easy, in fact they take care of all technical steps like: domain, hosting, payment options and design. Is like building an social profile, but instead of your photos you add products. There are multiple interesting articles on their blog, from marketing, brand building to motivation and study cases from big brands.

Brands that use Shopify:

  • Kyle Cosmetics
  • Budweiser.
  • WaterAid.
  • The Economist.
  • Sunday Somewhere.
  • Penguin Books.
  • Tesla Motors.
  • Red Bull.
  • Gymshark.
  • etc


There are also various ways to build an ecommerce website, google is your friend.  If you pay someone to build for you, always take care at security, and by that i mean the passwords.



Social media is best move for a cheap and profitable marketing that can yield significant results in sales and brand recognition. Identify the top bloggers, vloggers, youtubers, influencers in your market on various platforms and hit them up. You certainly will get No’s, but just one Yes can boom your brand to thousands of new and future customers. Perseverance is the key.

Treat customer inquiries with endless compassion. Remember, at the end of the day you want to make your NOW customer in a LOYAL costumer, happy and hopefully persuade them to return.

PAID ADS works great and have a good ROI ( Return on investments). For every click you will pay cents so $0,1 x 1000 clicks (potential costumers) -> $100. You need only a sale to return the money, plus you get brand recognition too. Paid ads are tricky,





Keep costumers in a continuous alert with deals and products on sale for a maximum productivity on website, combine these PROMOS with ADS and you get a SALE success recipe, combine with a holiday or festival and you get BANK.



Who don’t like free stuffs? Incentive your potential costumers with free gifts or small samples from another hair products, maybe next time will buy that product too! Make clearly for buyer, that will receive a gift, is a good tactic to add in this mini ad in photo, too. There are plenty of cheap related hair products and accessories at cents on Aliexpress (if you buy some) or DHGate (if you buy more).


Professional HD photos and good description

A picture is worth a thousand word.


Indeed, so upload on your website REAL photos with high definition and fewer effects. Make sure you reveal the characteristics of the hair extensions. Untill people will return to your good products, they don’t know what to expect, so make it easier with some quality photos.

There are plenty of templates and tables with description. A good description make the product sell better, so choose the right worlds. Some inspiration from other sellers does not hurt anyone.


Don’t spam your personal pages with promotions for your hair companyCreate quality and unique content that people will share
Don’t add to  much colors with bad contrast for website and small photosKeep it simple and clean, mobile friendly and professional HD photos
Don’t ignore a potential costumerKeep improve your services and add something new once in a while
How to Sell $100,000 in Hair Extension Business Plan
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