Best DHGate Hair Extensions Sellers Review – Cheap hair suppliers

Best DHGate Hair Extensions Sellers Review – Cheap hair suppliers

dhgate hair extension and aliexpress hair sellers

Last updated on May 4th, 2018 at 08:50 am

DHGate hair extensions sellers and suppliers for cheap price!

Besides Aliexpress where is a high demand in hair extensions and Amazon where shipping is fast from US warehouses, there is other alternative for cheap natural hair extensions DHGate. In this article will debate pros and cons choosing to buy hair from DHGate instead Aliexpress, best hair sellers and hair review.

Why DHGate hair sellers and not Aliexpress?

Why I would want to choose DHgate hair suppliers, when Aliexpress have good reputation and is more common. Here is the answer, being more popular Aliexpress rise the fees for their sellers resulting in direct correlation with sellers rise the prices for their products. This is why you can find Aliexpress sellers with Amazon hair stores and cheaper prices, here is an article about this subject: Amazon hair extensions vs Aliexpress

Besides being cheaper, there are same quality. Because of high demand, hair extensions business is an important branch in China where companies fighting for supremacy, copying the same success criteria of other companies like original cheap price, source of hair, working technique, business plan and agenda and even marketing. Of course there will be always bad sellers, this is why below you will find a list with best DHGate hair extensions sellers.

Cheap DHGate hair suppliers is other of main reasons. DHGate encourages and support wholesale and bulk sales. So if you are a company, small business, dropshipper, reseller or casual shopper , when you buy wholesale hair extensions there are considerable discounts.

DHGate have also buyer protection, refund, free shipping, escrow payments, 24/7 live support same as Aliexpress and Amazon. Being on the market from 2007 with 1 303 625 likes on Facebook and with interesting scalability news like Be Online Silk Road to the whole world and bring more opportunities for future business or  DHgate Becomes A New Choice Supplier of Outdoor Gear For American Retailers , DHGate is a good alternative for Aliexpress hair extensions.


Best DHGate Hair Extensions Sellers

DHGate Hair SellerFeedbackGo to DHGate
Modern Show HairGo to DHGate
JulienchinaGo to DHGate
Princess hair productsGo to DHGate
 DerunhairGo to DHGate
GagaqueenGo to DHGate
SwingingForest Hair ProductsGo to DHGate
Go to DHGate
BestbeautyhairGo to DHGate
Brazilian virgin hairGo to DHGate
Jackzhang2011Go to DHGate
FairgreatGo to DHGate
ShininghairGo to DHGate
HarmonywigsGo to DHGate
EasyhairproductsGo to DHGate
XBL Hair Co. Ltd.
Go to DHGate
MsjolihairGo to DHGate
GoldleafhairGo to DHGate
UglamhairGo to DHGate
HC Hair Factory StoreGo to DHGate
Modernqueen888Go to DHGate



Best DHGate Hair Review – Sellers and Suppliers Of Natural Hair Extensions

Since time immemorial, wigs and hair extensions have been worn by a lot of people for various purposes. They were donned to distinguish a person’s status in the society, to cover baldness, or to create a fashion statement. That’s how significant wigs and hair extensions were before, and perhaps, until now. In fact, the hair and beauty industry has produced these artificial hairs for individuals who need or want to wear such products every day.


The Emergence of Natural Hair Extensions


Typically, beauty shops cater to ladies with blonder and straighter hair, offering them with a wide range of synthetic or real hair options. But when the market of natural hair extensions came into the picture, women with naturally thick and curly hair have been provided with more hair alternatives. Because not all women have the same preferences, there are natural extensions that are made of curly or kinky hair strands.


Best Brands of Natural Hair Extensions


One advantage of wearing natural hair extensions is their versatility. You don’t have to do anything to match the artificial hair with your natural hair. You can easily wear them whenever you need to. You also have the liberty to achieve the hairstyle you have been longing to get.


Although the benefits are many, natural hair extensions may cost you a substantial amount of money. For example, the cost of braiding hair extensions as quoted by CostFreak ranges from $2 to $6 per pack. Apart from the prices, it can be difficult to look for affordable natural hair extensions yet of high-quality. But not to worry. Here are some of the best natural hair extension brands you can try.


Hair extensions photos from reviews

This is one of the popular go-to retailer hair extension brands that are highly known to match a lady’s natural curl pattern. Products include clip-ins, wefted hair, wigs, and closures.


It offers three major outstanding textures, which include coils, curls, and kinks. Moreover, the brand is actually the only line that provides wig units for women who prefer the grey-colored option. With proper care and maintenance of their premium virgin hair, it can be reused for a number of times and can last for many years.


This hair is popularly known to offer a relaxed type of 100% natural virgin human hair. Furthermore, it specializes in types 3 and 4 natural hair texture. One important aspect of the company, which has really made it win a large following, is its fully customized services in their provision of closures, clip-ins, and wigs hair products.


The brand is known to be selling 100% unique natural hair. Some of the common sizes that are sold by the brand include 12 to 26 inches, 3.5-4 Oz bundles. Furthermore, most of the hair set included in the classic line can be bleached, dyed, colored, and even straightened. When washed well, the hair reverts to its natural curl pattern.

The label offers 100% virgin natural human hair that greatly matches with kinky and curly textured type of hair. The curly type normally ranges from 3B to 4C.


It mostly concentrates in supplying hair extension options for ladies with either less-kinky or looser curls. The company also offers two major premium virgin lines. These two options usually mimic a curl pattern texture that can be straightened, dyed, colored, and even be reused for more than a year.


Their natural extensions come with a variety of options. This hair extension also allows users to get thick tresses, as well as a natural and awesome appearance.


In conclusion, getting to know the best brands for natural hair extensions in the market is the first step. The next step should be finding out which one perfectly matches with your hair and texture.

Best DHGate Hair Extensions Sellers Review – Cheap hair suppliers
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