DHGate Replica Sneakers Sellers – Review Brands Quality

DHGate Replica Sneakers Sellers – Review Brands Quality

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Last updated on May 5th, 2018 at 11:26 am

Sneakers sneakers, replica sneakers! Now available on DHGate in a wide range of models and brands. Most wanted are famous brand, luxury replica sneakers. Grab a pair, two or ten from these DHGate replica sneakers.

The sellers are trustworthy, checked by community and product reviews will coming soon!

Best DHGate replica sneakers sellers

*The replica sneakers table is not sorted by any criteria.


Do you have a DHGate sneakers seller to add? Leave it to comment and we will look for it.

You can find in Replica DHGate sneakers sellers catalog following replica brands and models:

  • Adidas x
  • Nike x
  • Air Jordan
  • Kanye West Yeezy
  • Puma
  • Balenciaga
  • Gucci Aces
  • Flyknit
  • Supreme
  • etc
Aliexpress make harder or imposible to find any replica sneakers, so the sellers moved to DHGate where is like old good times, you can find almost any replica sneakers very easy.



  • Aliexpress brand sneakers replica can’t be found anymore, or is almost imposible
  • DHGate replicas are booming


  • DHGate sellers support dropshipping and wholesale directly
  • Aliexpress have different platform for this: Alibaba and it not support replicas


  • Free shiping for Aliexpress and DHGate
  • Live support 24/7 for Aliexpress and DHGate
  • Buyer Protection and refund for Aliexpress and DHGate


  • Aliexpress have a lot of middle-mans so the price can be pumped
  • DHGate have direct sellers and factories

DHGate replica sneakers tips:

Some sneakers photo on DHGate are masked, edited or with hidden/deformated brand.
Seller is not always show the real photo of sneakers because of copyright. So make sure you ask him in a message for one or more.
You can find real photos in sneaker feedback from other buyers.
If you want the sneakers come with full package like : box, invoice, books etc ask seller fot these. Some will provide for free, some for extra fee and others don’t.
Negociate with DHGate seller for a discount. In most cases they will provide if you buy in bulk/wholesale. Also look for already sellers  discounts/coupons.
Can’t find a model/brand? Ask DHGate sellers for it. In some cases they can provide it.

The DHGate replica sneakers list will be updated monthly or once every few months.

DHGate Replica Sneakers Sellers – Review Brands Quality
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  1. YEEZY SHOP says:

    Check our shop

  2. mmJesse says:

    DHGate Replica Sneakers sellers list updated!

  3. Riley says:

    Nice work man. Could you do a list of top sellers of latest men’s designer fashion wear which includes shirts, sweat tops, hoodies, jackets, pants, denim and accessories. Thanks

    • mmJesse says:

      Hello, thanks for feedback. New lists are in progress and yes, they will contain fashion designer wear for woman and men.

      • Riley says:

        Hi Jesse, still waiting for this list.

        • mmJesse says:

          Unfortunately is hard to make a good list with latest products, because not all sellers follow this pattern, it depends of region of seller, factories, customers etc. So i wasn’t able to do it in time, but i will not give up, until is ready, check https://trustsellers.com/pin/ where replicas are pinned from different sellers. Also you can follow a product you like or new and check what that seller sells.

  4. Tim says:

    Looking for 1:1 trustworthy sellers of Zanotti shoes?

  5. dominic says:

    hello, i wanted to know if you know which seller sells, “nike x supree air force 1” please, thanks

  6. Laura says:

    Hi, i wanted to know if you know a trusted seller that sells Rhyton gucci logo leather sneakers?

  7. Baysim says:

    Hey i wanted to know if there’s a authentic unauthorized jordan seller,that ships fast.?

  8. Dennis says:

    Hello … I have a problem,
    wanna buy those 350 V2 Yeezy and checked TBTGroup and SneakersStore at DHGate
    but “This product can not be shipped to Germany, please contact the seller for a solution.”

    Anybody an idea?

    Thank you ; )

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