Best DHGate Watch Sellers – High Quality Replicas

Best DHGate Watch Sellers – High Quality Replicas

Last updated on January 3rd, 2018 at 07:06 pm



Description ValueMinimum spentCODEDate
$3 OFF $150+ All Categories$3$150Aliextension032017.11.01-2017.11.30
$6 OFF $300+ All Categories$6$300Aliextension062017.11.01-2017.11.30
$10 OFF $500+ All Categories$10$500Aliextension102017.11.01-2017.11.30
$20 OFF $1000+ All Categories$20$1,000Aliextension202017.11.01-2017.11.30
$30 OFF $1500+ All Categories$30$1,500Aliextension302017.11.01-2017.11.30
$1 OFF $50+ All Categories$1$50Aliextension12017.11.01-2017.11.30
$2 OFF $100+ All Categories$2$100Aliextension22017.11.01-2017.11.30


DHGate Watch Sellers are plenty and with large range of products. Most wanted are those who sell famous brand watches, and here we talk about quality ones. But how do we sort out the trust watch sellers to the least serious? Or how can we choose to buy a cheap quality vs good quality watch or even a 1: 1 AAA replica watch?

Here is a table with DHGate watch sellers who are trustworthy and which have in their catalog famous brands replica watches like :

  • Patek Philippe
  • Audemars Piguet
  • Vacheron Constantin
  • A. Lange & Söhne
  • Jaeger-LeCoultre
  • Rolex
  • Breguet & Fils
  • Girard-Perregaux
  • BlancpainCartier

Don’t forget DHGate have Buyer Protection and 24/7 Live Support, so you are safe. Also the list below is tested and the reviews from watches will be avaible soon!

Best DHGate Luxury Watch Sellers – High Quality Replicas

*The replica brand watch table is not sorted by any criteria.


Do you have a DHGate watch seller to add? Leave it to comment and we will look for it.
Because of disappearance of replica watches from Aliexpress, a better alternative are DHGate sellers, because there are not middle-men, on the contrary there are wholesallers and trust sellers that you can cooperate long term for dropshipping business or for casual shopping.


  • On DHGate you can still find famous brands, luxury replica watches.
  • DHGate sellers are trustworthy and there are not middle-mens like Aliexpress.
  • Both have buyer protection and live support.
  • Aliexpress is a little expensiver because of sellers fee.
  • Both offer free shipping.
  • DHGate watch sellers support dropshipping and wholesale buying with discounts.


Tips when buying replica watch from DHGate sellers:

Always check feedback for the product and seller you want to buy from. Sometimes you find real photo with replica watch from a buyer.
Even the photo is without logo or is deformated or it is wrong, is very possible that seller hide this. So ask for more photos in a private message.
Also DHGate watch sellers offer box and all accessories like: shopping bags, small books, invoices, certificate and cloth. Some for free some for extra price, so ask about this too.
Sellers will be happy to offer you a discount but dont be rude and dont ask for 80% off. First you need to be a loyal costumer or buy watches in bulk to benefit from it.
If you look for a replica watch and cannot find, ask the DHGate sellers and maybe they can help you with an extra supply.

The DHGate replica watch list will be updated monthly or once every few months.

Best DHGate Watch Sellers – High Quality Replicas
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  1. watchTrader says:

    This is a good list and i know some sellers, for exemple Jason is one of the best replica watch sellers i recommend him!

  2. Choubix says:

    Trying to look up those sellers but none of the links work.
    and the top seller seems to have no watches on offer. seems to have closed down too.
    Any alternatives for good quality replicas?? thanks!

    • mmJesse says:

      There was an update in DHGate link structure. I updated the links, please let me know if everything is ok.
      Also some sellers have 0 products because of holidays. Cheers!

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