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Now is possible to buy 3D printers at low prices and good quality from AliExpress.Here is a list with best Aliexpress 3D printer sellers 2017, made with hard work of research,tests and a lot of messages to sellers. We hope to help you decide easier to buy a 3D Printer from AliExpress.The sellers are 100% trusted and offer quality 3D Printers for cheap price.

If a decade ago the prices of 3D printers were not suitable for anyone today you can find 3D printers that are sold in specialized stores and online for prices under $500. If you are looking for the best price within acceptable quality check the cheap aliexpress sellers list.

Best AliExpress 3D Printer Sellers 2017 Table

Everything is a matter of time, prices will become more affordable so if you consider yourself a future buyer of 3D printers, it is worth closely following the evolution of prices and offers. Where to buy a cheaper 3D printer?

5 things to consider before buy a 3d printer

Maybe we all end up having a 3D printer at home, so at the moment we can keep the 5 aspects to take into account when we want to look for a 3D printer at the best price:

Filament printers are the cheapest.
If you want a low cost printer you should investigate in the RepRap community.
To be one of the first to have one, you can participate in Crowdfunding.
Ask in forums about the best open solution, kit to assemble, and solve mounting doubts and electronics.
It is no use to go with cheap printers with care, especially if we have clear all aspects of design and configuration.


We have presented links to best aliexpress 3d printers sellers of chinese brands and distributors . Obviously the list could be much more extensive, but in our comparison we focus only on verified ones.Start finding affordable 3d printers on aliexpress.

Best AliExpress 3D Printer Sellers 2017
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