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All infromations about Top AliExpress Drone Sellers found on this article are detailed and updated , so that everything you need to know, what to buy,can be find easy and efficiently. We make this list with help from experts in drones, some passionate about this world, which will surely surprise you with the economical price of some of these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), as well as chapters of making some of bigger budget.

When we start looking for Cheap Drones, how can we make sure we buy the best drones at the cheapest price?

The offer of these devices is so extensive, that many times we do not know where to start.
We want to facilitate the task and help you find the perfect drone for you,a good aliexpress drone seller and above all, the one that means less money for your pocket.

Below is a selection of top drones aliexpress sellers table list.They are most recommend to buy from them,because we verified them and are 100% legit,no tricks no scams and most important they offer good quality and exactly as they said in description.If you are new in this world and dont know what to buy or you are still undecided,read our guide below the table.

Top AliExpress Drone Sellers List

SellerRatingGo to store
CE Technology CO.,LTD
U-Angel-1988 Trade Co.,Ltd

SYMA Direct-sale Store


Rc Fan Shop


Smart & Simple

LanBird Store
China Bay Quadcopter Pro Store

Air toyStore
HongKong GoPra Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.
Store 920


AliExpress Drone Sellers Advices:

1- Drones to record video with a GoPro
If you are looking for a drone to put a GoPro or any action camera to record video, you will have to pay at least 200 USD and you will have to buy a gimbal stabilizer for GoPro if it is not included with the drone, a good one usually costs between 80 and 300 USD.

2- BNF or RTF drones?
Beware when buying a drone,  BNF (Bind and Fly) is cheaper because it does not include a transmitter (radio control remote), but the RTF (Ready To Fly) does not need to buy anything else to make it fly (except batteries ).

3- Spare parts
If you do not want a drone to use and throw, make sure that you can buy spare parts from seller or from the Internet. Usually for our recommendated drones you can find easy spare parts,so no need to worry if you buy from AliExpress.

4- Extra Batteries
Drones battery life is still short, cheap drones usually last between 5 and 10 minutes, the most expensive between 15 and 30 minutes.

If you’re starting outside make sure you buy extra batteries and if there are many battery packs, fun assured!Buy from Top AliExpress Drone Sellers.

5- You want to shoot outside and do not want to spend a lot of money and do not know what to choose?

After testing and crashing several drones, my recommendation is the Syma X5C or X8 Series Explorers for several reasons:
– This very good quality and price, costs between 50-90 €USD.
– It is easy to handle, you can even do tricks in the air.
– It is very light, weighs less than a GoPro!
– Hold the blows well, I drop several times from a balcony and still works.
– Has a built-in camera for taking photos and videos.
– You can buy a pack of 5 batteries for less than $ 20.
– You can buy spare parts for all parts of the drone.
– In youtube there is a big community around that tune it to give more of itself.

Best AliExpress Drones 2017 Review List

If you want a drone for profesional use try this table comparision here. You will find best AliExpress PRO drones used to shoot movies, profesional footages and music videos but the prices are between $200 to $2000
Check List

Cheap Drones under 60$

If you look for AliExpress drones under 100$ or under 50$ please check this link: Cheap AliExpress drones under 60$ or Best AliExpress drone sellers
Check List

There are three types of quadcopter or drones depending on their size, quality and features:

Cheap Mini Drones – Top Drones AliExpress Sellers: They are the smallest, and also the lowest price. Some fit even in the palm of your hand. They are the ones who usually buy the children, or those people who have never driven and still do not know if they will like the experience. They can be piloted both indoors and outdoors, although on the outside their stability and handling is more affected due to the wind. The batteries last less because of their smaller size, having flight autonomies of between 5 and 8 minutes. They are resistant to the blows, and they allow to do pirouettes making the piloting is very amusing. You can find them even with camera at very economical prices, like the Hubsan X4 H107C or the Syma X11C.

Drones of Initiation or advanced Drones – Top AliExpress Drone Sellers: They are bigger, and therefore more stable. They are designed so that they can fly outdoors even in moderate winds, and have a great maneuverability and robustness. They carry higher quality cameras, and in some you can even see what the camera is recording in real time (FPV or First Person View) from your Smartphone or Tablet. Some models also allow you to adapt a GoPro camera. They have autonomy of up to 20 minutes. They get a great flight experience for the user since many even allow to use two types of flight: Beginner Mode and Expert Mode.

Professional Drones – Top AliExpress Drone Sellers: They represent the best there is today in this industry. Their prices are higher: they can go from $ 300 to $ 1500 or even more. However you can find cheap drones with HD camera where the videos and photos that are obtained are of an extraordinary quality, since they are designed to realize high quality aerial photography. Most include image stabilizers, which make it stay the same despite the wind or tilt of the device. They can be handled from huge distances, some reaching 2000 meters, and their autonomy reaches up to 25 minutes. You can find them with GPS, with software-controlled optical stabilizers, autopilot flight function, auto takeoff and back home functions, and record all flight data on their memory cards, which can then be shared or Upload to the internet easily.

Summary of what to keep in mind to choose the best cheap drones aliexpress seller or the best drones quality price:

As a summary, when deciding which super cheap and good drones to buy, we advise you to keep in mind the following aspects, which you will find in detail in this web for each drone:

1-Depending on whether you want to use it indoors or outdoors, and the money you want to invest, choose the type you want: Minidrones, Advanced or Professionals.

2-Decide if you want to have camera, or that you can dock a GoPro camera or similar from Top AliExpress Drone Sellers

3-In Total Drones Comparator, where you will find the best drones on offer, click on the one you want to see to expand the information, and take into account the autonomy, stability, ease of handling, and the method to pilot Radio control or with Smartphone or Tablet).

4-Choose your drone, and do not forget to also get extra batteries.

Top AliExpress Drone Sellers
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