DHGate 11 November Sale Tutorial and Review

DHGate 11 November Sale Tutorial and Review

Last updated on November 3rd, 2017 at 11:45 am

DHGate 11 November sales event is cheaper then normal other shopping events like Halloween , Christmas, New year or even Black Friday!

On DHGate 11.11 or Single’s Day Sale event you can find REAL one day discounts, flash discounts, flash coupons and a lot of games where you can win money, coins that can be exchanged for coupons or products.

Go to DHGate 11.11 Promotions

But what is with the date? Why is 11.11? Short answer: China Black Friday. Also there is another reason, one a little bit traditional. The origin of this day is dated in 1993 when a group of students from the Chinese University of Nanjing decided to carry out a project to create the very antagonist to the already known Valentine. And why 11.11? Single’s Day”, November 11 or 11.11, has its origin in the four ‘1’ that are similar to Chinese tradition leafless trees, so they represent a metaphor related to people who do not marry or even couples who decide not to have children. “tells the tradition. A lot of online stores have adapted this , so in consequently it becomes biggest marketing campaign in chinese stores shopping.

How can I make the most of DHGate 11 November Sale?

The main saving methods:

  • Bonus Coupons
  • Seller coupon
  • DH Coupon
  • Flash deals (Start from 9th)


Sale preparation (11.2-11.9)

  • Coupons (which could be used during 11.10-11.12)

Explore Coupons here:

  1. DH COUPON – Coupon could be used for all products
  2. SELLER COUPON – Coupon could be used in specific shops
  • Cash back. If you place an order now, you can get extra discount for 11.11

$100-10% back

$250-15% back

$500-20% back


Sale DAY!

  • Coupon
  1. Every hour, we have new limited coupon.
  2. Bonus Coupons, which could be used across several shops

$100 off $500 coupon

$800 off $2000 coupon

$300 off $1000

  • FLASH DEAL (cannot use coupon)

Check what could be found here! May be you would be shocked by the price.


Get coupon from the DHgate, get coupon from your favorite seller. Use them together. You will save a lot. Plus, don’t forget the flash deal and 11.11 products.






Description ValueMinimum spentCODEDate
$3 OFF $150+ All Categories$3$150Aliextension032017.11.01-2017.11.30
$6 OFF $300+ All Categories$6$300Aliextension062017.11.01-2017.11.30
$10 OFF $500+ All Categories$10$500Aliextension102017.11.01-2017.11.30
$20 OFF $1000+ All Categories$20$1,000Aliextension202017.11.01-2017.11.30
$30 OFF $1500+ All Categories$30$1,500Aliextension302017.11.01-2017.11.30
$1 OFF $50+ All Categories$1$50Aliextension12017.11.01-2017.11.30
$2 OFF $100+ All Categories$2$100Aliextension22017.11.01-2017.11.30


DHGate 11 November Sale Tutorial and Review
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