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Hello friends, we are excited to announce that our new website is up and ready, with clean design and a lot of new fresh products .

We present the newest source of products better than Aliexpress and DHGate! Please check the guide below.

Bag Sellers

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Photos are real from seller feedback!


Last update: 9 August 2018

  • added a lot NEW brand products
  • DHGate replica products
  • removed negative/inactive links
NEW DHGate replicas:
  • Aliexpress replica sellers moved to DHGate because they are more permissive with them and tolerate replica products for now.
  • DHGate is same platform like Aliexpress and contain Buyer Protection and refund if product is not good or don't receive.
  • Cheap replicas (under 30$) doesn't mean high quality always

This is a community where anyone can post replica products. The products here are updated weekly and can be found very easily by search bar.
Disclaimer: This is an information-educational post/website and not promoting any counterfeit or replica products! We take no responsibility at any cost, this kind of website/post is only for educational purposes.
If you can't see the comments, disable ad-block. There aren't any ads on this page.

If a link product don't work anymore,please mark with X and report (flag icon) . Not working links will be deleted to keep the community clean.

Some people have difficulty finding the product link, it can be found above the picture. Here is a picture to help
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Bag Seller: Handbagstore888
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