AliExpress Brazilian loose wave Hair Sunlight Store Review

AliExpress Brazilian loose wave Hair Sunlight Store Review

Sunligh Human Hair Review


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This hair that I am wearing is from Aliexpress and from the vendor sunlight hair i have their brazilian lose wave. I have three bundles as well as a free part lace closure the three bundles lengths are 22 22 24 and then the lace closure length is 20 inches now when i first played with the hair and look at the hair i thought the quality of the hair was really nice.

The hair texture or the feel of the hair was really soft. there was no smell or odor with the hair at all or the closures I mean or the closure i did notice that the closure as well as the bundles their texture or pattern was exactly the same so there wasn't like a difference between like the bundles being a looser pattern or the closure being a tighter patter and vice versa. so how I installed the hair. you guys know all the time I have to wear a wig ok and this hair I installed it I made a wig when i use the hot glue gun method with me hot glue method i didn't have to seal the wefts because the glue actually seals the wefts for you so yeah so i made a wig with this hair.

I sewed in the lace closure and then I installed the bundles with my hot glue gun um with me installing the hair, I did notice like once I unraveled all the bundles I started to get like a lot of tangling with the hair and then I noticed that the ends of the hair was very frizzy and I really didn't care for that at all so once i installed the hair as well as a closure on my wig cap I decided to go and co wash the hair and you guys know the only product that I use on my hair is the silicon mix deep treatment and the Tresemme moisturizing conditioner so I applied the Silicon mix to the hair and I left it on for about 20 to 30 minutes and I made sure that I concentrated on the ends of the hair because that's where I saw like the it needed the whole attention was the ends of the hair and then after that I rent it out with like lukewarm cool water and then i added the trust me with your right to condition or two of here and being a pilot that's it for maybe like a minute or two and then I ripped out and let the hair air dry now after i beat all that i noticed that the ends of the hair was all a lot better you guys so this is how the end-of-the-year look now compared to how it was looking before.

Another thing that I didn't notice it was like once i watch to hear the loose wave pattern or they're springy look they had when I first got the package that was completely gone so if you guys are interested in getting their revealing your booth waves once you watch the hearing that loose wave pattern is it's gone so it turns into like a born loser pattern is not like how you would get it when you first take the hair out of the package so they have to take two color and bleach and as you guys can see that there is no and natural color which of the natural black color have weigh-in and color here yeah i think when i do have one month review video i'll probably apply color or police or you guys can actually see if the hair does pay great color or if I their issues one eye color or beliefs to hear now.

Another thing is did I experienced any jangling or shooting now like I said when I first day here at the package and I'm raveled all the ideas for and a lot of tangling and it was definitely close to the end of the year that i experienced the most tangling as far as shutting i did not experience any shutting at all um but this is how the here is there is really no tangling it might be a little bit of tangling toward like the main area but as you can see i'm running my fingers through the hair and it is glass street through so i've only been waiting here for a few days so that's why i said this is like my initial thoughts or initial review and i will definitely come back and show you guys what my overall experience was while we're here for a month.

So this is what i used to get these curls that we end with my razor and I just rather than here you know and different sections and I just made sure I like the short you know you just start with the razor and you work your way down and I just be there all over the heuristic 8a layers look and the crime that i have is by Sapphire irresistible me and i believe is there eight and one probably why it comes with eight different currently wines and this is their biggest 1 i'm not sure exactly what inch it is but yeah so i use this and then as far as like the heat setting i think i use 370 or 390 and I just wait here and kind of curl the hair back like that and then in some areas i did you some clips to hold the curls in place and then once i was done i took them out and this is the look that I got so pretty you guys.

I'm in love with the way this hair curly curls very nicely so basically over i do like this here one of the main things that I don't like it there disclosure arm i noticed that their lace closure is made with short pieces of here as well as long pieces of hair i know it's like when I was trying to make like my part on the side or my part and the middle there it was just little pieces of hair sticking up and like towards the front of the closure you'll see there's really short pieces of hair out like that oh i just found that with your lace closure it was really difficult for me to lay it down I'm i tried water trying to heat holiday and spread throughout my crawling wines if who make sure those short piece of laid out flat so yeah I just you know would suggest that if you want to make a length closure just make sure they all the hair is one left it is not like little short pieces because those just look like frayed little pieces of hair sticking up and you definitely don't want that you want your lace closure to look really smooth and flat so yeah you guys have really really do not care for their legs closure so thanks for being my overall score for this here right about now is probably an eight I will come to you guys like i said in a month and do a final update on is here if you have any questions or comments leave them down below also if you haven't subscribed to my channel definitely subscribe to stay up-to-date on all my videos I just want to thank you so much for watching and I was that you guys in my next one!

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AliExpress Brazilian loose wave Hair Sunlight Store Review
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Sunlight Human Hair AliExpress Review
Sunlight Human Hair AliExpress Review

Brazilian loose wave hair and I will be letting you know my first thought on the hair. Reviewer: Shay Amour Link to hair in description.

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