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aliexpress hair extensions review

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Accompanied by the name of gems beauty hair from Aliexpress contact with me to review their hair and I was like oh you know give it a shot and so far I've been loving it once we finalized what hair I would be reviewing.

They sent it to me in the mail it really only took about two or three days for it to arrive and you know they're like in China somewhere what I ordered was the Brazilian body wave in three bundles of 22 inches and 18-inch frontal. Took me a day to put together the way it was just used to struggle to get those things done but anyway once i receive the hair I was like okay you know what this is really good quality hair like it was so soft so easy to run your finger through the actual f pattern shape of the hair which is glorious and then I decided to wash it because I mean I just wash all the hair that I get before .

I actually install it in my head so I washed it with the iphone plus shampoo and at that point I realized that there was like a chemical smell that the hair had but once I washed it a couple of times with shampoo and conditioner thankfully that smell was gone for God's sake and you know at that point I let it air dry overnight and then I proceeded to create the wig so I think it came out really nice and like i said this hair is like doll baby hair it's it's like hair that you can always run your fingers through this is the natural state.

I actually wanted some of the curls up top but it's just gorgeous so so gorgeous and right now you know I'm doing the half-up half-down love but I'll actually take it down to show you what it looks like this month alone giving you both side ponytail action so one of the big alors about this Hair Company is that the hair is so cheap and based on my results so far only washed it one you know no shedding no tangling really whatsoever and the hair is so soft i can't i cannot get over how soft this hair is it is like dream hair especially for the price that you pay so thus far the hair is doing amazingly so i'll leave a link down below in the description box so that you can go ahead and purchase hair there if you like I mean so far like i said this here is really really good and I think it's so pretty so anyway. Thank you for being here and I will catch you in the next video bye!

Last updated on May 28th, 2017 at 06:05 pm

AliExpress Hair Extension Review Gem Beauty Store
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AliExpress Hair Review Gem Beauty Store
AliExpress Hair Review Gem Beauty Store

Gem Beauty Hair Aliexpress | Brazilian Body Wave | First Look Reviewer: Tiff Benson Link to hair in description.

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