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I have another wig review for you so let's begin. I got this wig from Luffy wigs on Aliexpress and I will be putting their link right up here so you guys can check them out Plus something box alright so here's the box my cousin is so cute let's see on the back it says why Israel a swing to this bro wireless wig is the best hair can be parted anywhere you want that's a plus no more bangs all the time being limited with various hairstyles by doing center part left part right part or any part you want the invisible flawless and undetectable hairline not always sweets are the real thing some lace fronts still show your hairline for a fully invisible hairline.

You need the right place material a superior sewing method and many other factors ours is the best we'll see match your skin color the lace matrix is point leave Isabel many times our carefully selected colors of our list will surprise you with how it blends well with your skin and control hair density when too much or too little hair is around the hairline it looks very unnatural. How about ours it looks like hair growing, your skin so this is why therapist league is the best so sku us inside it says one hundred percent human hair top quality tangle free and shedding free alright so here this.

Right here let's see you alright so this is just like take incredibly frequently asked questions i also have all complimentary eyelashes right here and with Italy be wearing these thank you so much and this is just told me that I have Brazilian human hair 12 interest and natural color so here's the link right here and we're going to go ahead and take down the bag alright so here we have it in the neck it's nicely packaged and everything so that's a plus don't want your hair all over the place.

Oh alright so here it is it is very soft which is a plus and also I think I forgot to tell you it is I'm gonna have to look at it because the name is so long it says 10 to 18 inch neck at 10 to 18 inch natural wave brazilian virgin hair lace front wigs short bob human hair full lace human hair wigs for black women that's a really long fucking name even I'll Spinelli look but here it is and it is actually really pretty as our little waves and it's very soft.

I thought I'd try something to fit this time like a bob so it is a full lace as you can see there's nice right here and then I'll turn the cap inside out for you to see it is glueless with straps and combs and what we have here are it looks like I guess correctly yes there are no cones in the front right here the cone is in the center in the crown and right here in the back on the sides so either side of my name and you have the straps right here so chef it really snug and it should look really natural at the top about having pick homes where my baby ears are just checking the straps because last time the last year company I so my straps off correctly they're perfect all right so let's see this one.

I'm the actual thing the website it had a middle part that i asked for a side part instead and I can see where they plug here more right here and so it looks like they made me a left side part just good because actually party by her to live I'm going to try it on before we get the lace off alright also they gave me a lot of lace you can see it goes like almost passed my eyebrows we're definitely gonna have to cut that all but you have a better view and a better understanding of how the leg is going to fit on my head so I'm going to obviously have to like I don't have the combs likes fit snug in right now it's just on top of my hair but you can see like essentially where the leg is going to land it how I'm going to have to adjust it so .

And also hopefully you see look at your back a little bit and there I put it when I put the combs in it's going to fit really snugly back so I can wear it up in a ponytail yes this is a little time now let's take the lights off now you want to cut as close to the hair long as possible without actually cutting into the hairs you can see now I'm going to fast forward through most of this is this is really tedious I just wanted you guys you how I did it Wow I cut the lace off mail and I think that's pretty close so I'm going to go ahead and get prep for this song this is what it looks like on and without the concealer on the part so i really like it so far this is really nice and I really love this bathroom so I'm definitely gonna rock this tomorrow let's euston to it I'm going to use the LA girl Pro conceal HD conceal it apart alright and here is the finished product I really like this way

I am definitely going to have fun with this and I will be doing more tutorial for this wig light wand curling and probably like updos and styling so you can do it's like a 12-week this is 12 inches as well as like I said as a clueless Fuller's wig and this is 12 inches and actually you know this is a lot you know still goes down to my shoulders and its really cute cut so I definitely like this way I give it two thumbs up to be giving you guys an update on how this wig is doing for sure saying all the wig descriptions as well as the store link and the direct care link down in the description bar it is lucky wig store is where I got this from so definitely go check it out give them some love for watching this video if you liked it make sure to give me a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe and subscription box below video 5 I this particular en and welcome back to my channel so today I had a special preview for you and it is.

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Natural Wig AliExpress Review
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Natural wave Brazilian Wig Review AliExpress
Natural wave Brazilian Wig Review AliExpress

~Wig Specs~ 💋10''-18'' Natural wave Brazilian virgin hair lace front wigs short bob human hair full lace human hair wigs for black women 💋Full Lace 💋12 Inches 💋Glueless 💋Cap Size: Medium 💋Lace Color: Light Reviewer: Martika Brianne

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