Buy direct from Taobao USA/Canada [PHONE TUTORIAL]

Buy direct from Taobao USA/Canada [PHONE TUTORIAL]

how to buy from taobao on mobile
Buying from Taobao is more common those days than ever, because of well known cheap prices. Beyond sellers seriousness, and Taobao services, it depends on you to deal with a successful order. And I say this not because you can't trust Taobao, but because website is in full Chinese. [this guide is only for mobile, for desktop guide, click here]With this tutorial you will know exactly how to order from Taobao from USA, Canada and rest of supported countries, without agent.
Countries supported for direct buy from Taobao without agent:
  • USA
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Taiwan
  • Macao
  • Hong Kong

If your country is not supported, check a Taobao agent.
Why to buy without agent?
  • Taobao agents add at least 50% or more dollars to shipping price + their commission (if any)
  • After you learn to order direct from Taobao, you will not use again an agent
How much is Taobao shipping?
On average the shipping cost from Taobao is $10/ first kg (2.2 pounds) and after is $5 / 0.5 kg (1.1 pounds). Of course it depends on each country, but you can find out exactly on checkout page before payment. Shipping is made by EMS or DHL!

Buy direct from Taobao with shipping to USA or Canada
[mobile guide]

There’s no need to over complicate things, nothing on the front page is necessary to buying anything. The only things you need to know on the homepage are: The cart, Messages, and search bar/image search. Everything else is unnecessary to touch.

Searching will bring up both authentic and reps as this is Taobao the Chinese Ebay people sell everything on here. Your best bet to find things is using image search which is self explanatory and simple to use.

Once you find a item you like click on it and you’ll see this. The store button will take you to the sellers store. The text bubble will let you message the seller. It’s best to use google translate to talk to them as they probably don’t speak much. They will always respond but you need to understand when it’s morning for us it’s night for them so best time to message sellers or warehouse staff is around 9:00pm-5:00am. The star is to add the item to your favourites which will be discussed in a separate Album. Once you’ve decided to buy click the yellowish button which will open to the next image.....

Here you can choose the different sizes, colours, and how many you want. Once you’re satisfied click the orange button which will add it to your cart. Repeat the process for everything you want and then move on to next step

Once you have all items click on the cart button on the homepage and it will bring you here. I only have 1 item in my cart but here will be all the things you added to cart. The items in the cart will have white circles next to them click the white circle to select the item. At the bottom it will calculate the full price of your hauls. That’s all you have to do don’t touch anything else. Once you’ve gotten everything you want press the orange button to continue to checkout.

Welcome to checkout page this is where you will put in your address, the item is not being directly shipped to you though it is being shipped to the Taobao Warehouse where it will be packaged with all your other items and shipped in a package. All your items will show up here and you can buy them all st the same time by selecting them like you do in the Cart. I can not stress this enough DO NOT TOUCH OR ALTER ANYTHING ON THIS PAGE THE ONLY BUTTON YOU NEED TO TOUCH IS THE ORANGE ONE AT THE VERY BOTTOM AND THE ITEMS YOU WANT TO BUY. Everything already set for you there’s no need to alter it in anyway.

The only thing here that you need to touch is the orange button which will take you to a page to pay with debit/credit/alipay they do not accept PayPal or any other form of payment.

When your payment for the order goes through you’ll get an automated message from sellers telling you to confirm that this is the correct address. Press accept and kick back and relax for a day or two as it gets delivered to the warehouse. This is from an old order BTW.

This is where you get all tracking and warehouse info. It will send you notifications when sellers ship something or when something arrives at the warehouse. The speaker and green chat thing are useless.

The tracking for China shipping is so cool it moves live which is lit. It usually takes 1-3 days to get to the warehouse and you will know when it gets to the warehouse when the orange line is fully coloured in.

When the item arrives you’ll receive a notification saying the item has arrived at the warehouse and the tracking map will look like the one pictured above. Click on the notification and it will take you to this page to pay for shipping. You’re almost done the process!!

Finally you’re at the end. If you’re ordering many items wait for all of them to arrive to the warehouse before paying shipping. You’ll know the item is at the warehouse if you’re able to select it.. Some people might get their item marked as contraband (you won’t be able to select it) this where you should live chat the warehouse staff and ask them to pay a bit extra for shipping and they’ll send you a taobso link where you will pay the amount you need to. But if you don’t have anything marked as contraband you just select everything and pay shipping. A day or two later you’ll receive a notification of your tracking number. Also a warehouse staff with a EMS/DHL PIC will message you. He’s the one to ask questions to about your haul. He understands English but he will send you texts in Chinese which you’ll need to translate. You can’t choose between EMS or DHL for some reason it is randomized but I got DHL and let me say that shit is lit I got it in 3 days and didn’t pay any taxes (CANADA).
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