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Taobao guide for everybody! You can order from Taobao!

First time ordering from Taobao can be overwhelming with all chinese characters, huge catalog of products and website interface design, but is still just an online shopping website ( yeah, just biggest shopping website in the world! ). If you've ever bought online, especially from Aliexpress, you'll be doing fine, everything is very intuitive, just there are some small things to keep in mind, but the steps are the same:

Those steps are presented below in every detail, so everybody can now order from Taobao. During this guide you will find out a lot of tips, things to avoid pros and cons about buying from Taobao.
What you need to know before you buy from Taobao:


USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Macao, Japan
If you are from different country, NO PROBLEM, you can still order easily with a shipping forwarder agent, click here


Taobao accepts Visa and Mastercard. You don't need to worry about this step, because is very easy. You don't need Chinese bank account. If you pay for the first time, you will be asked for an Alipay account (Paypal of China), that will be auto-created when you pay.


Taobao can easily be translated with Google Chrome Browser to all languages. It is not translated perfect, but you can understand essentials. More details in guide below.


Taobao offers Buyer Protection Program, meaning if the product don't arrive or is damaged, or is not as in description, you open a case for the seller and Taobao will refund you.


International EXPRESS shipping price for first kg is around $10 . Approximate shipping time and shipping companies:

  • USA
    • JCEX UPS 5-7 business days
    • JCEX USPS 7-9 business days
    • Zhongshan EMS/DHL 9 business days
  • Canada
    • UPS 5-7 business days
    • EMS/DHL 9 business days
  • Australia
    • JCEX 5 business days
    • ZTO 秀驿物流 6 business days,4px 7 business days
  • New Zealand: 7 business days
  • Singapore: 5 business days
  • Malaysia
    • West Malaysia 5 business days
    • East Malaysia 7 business days
  • Japan
    • 4PX 5 business days
    • PRouter 4-8 business days.

You need to keep in mind that the more you buy, will save you money on shipping. The process is simple, all sellers will ship the order to main warehouse, the Taobao shipping workers will pack all your products in one parcel and deliver to you.

Taobao Guide

Step by step tutorial with details and photos. To ease accessibility of tutorial, we designed the tutorial in visual and numbered cards.


In order to translate Taobao website to English or any other language, we need to use Google Chrome browser because it have Google Translate implement. Take note that the translation is far from perfect, but at least you can understand better than Chinese characters.

english taobao english translate taobao
Take note: Adblock and Page Translator can mess up the design and the correct functioning of the website, if you encounter difficulties, temporarily disable them and refresh the page.
2Create Account
Click here to register. The sign up process is simple and intuitive, follow the steps on the signup page, also below are some pictures to ease the process in case you need.

Phone number verification

Click on "English" button on the right and complete your phone number.

After, click Next button and you will receive an activation code on the phone, insert it on page and go to next process.

Login details

Complete Login Name, Password, Email and Username fields and this is all. You just registered to Taobao.
3Add Details
We just have to add shipping address and we are ready. Shipping address can be changed whenever you want, also you can have multiple shipping addresses and choose between them at checkout page.

Go to your account page - account settings - shipping address or click here to complete your shipping address.

After you click save, your address should be saved and you can check it below the form. Optional you can check left menu to become more familiar with your account page. Now we are ready for shopping.
Now is the fun part. You can find a lot of keywords, trusted sellers and reviews for famous designer clothes here - to be added

Understand the product page

Shopping on Taobao is easy, but you need to keep in mind some things. Check the photo below:
1. Reputation (Feedback), to see what those symbols represents, click here. -to be added
2. Buyer protection, click here for more. -to be added
3. Optional. Select "overseas" (you can select this at checkout page too)
4. China national shipping price, from seller to central warehouse. It depends of city, but most of sellers offer free express shipping 2-3 days.
5. What payment methods are accepted

As you can see, the page is similar with Aliexpress.
Tip: below you can find real photos from customers.

When you've decided, press "Add to cart" button.

If it doesn't work, disable the auto translator and refresh the page after you added the product, you can turn on again.

After you are done with adding products, click on cart icon at the top of the page or click here.
Check again if the products are as you selected: size, color, quantity etc. Select all products you want to buy this time and click "Settlement" button :)

After you clicked the "Settlement" button you will be redirected to final page (almost final page, because there is 1 more process: international shipping)
6Shipping & Payment
INFO There are 2 phases of shipping and payment, this is why they are written together in this guide.


1.Intern shipping from seller to warehouse, which is very cheap or free, depends of seller.
2.International shipping from warehouse to your address, see the photo below for prices.


You will pay in two parts:
1.First payment is for products and intern shipping. After this payment, all the sellers you bought from, will send the products to warehouse. Then you need to wait for all products to arrive at warehouse and the workers to put together all your products in a single package, weight in and make the final price for international shipping (average price for USA is aprox. $10/first kg and $5/next kg, check below for more info), you will get notification or you can check in real time the progress.

2.Second payment is for international shipping and that's it, after this you just successfully bought from Taobao.

Make sure the address is correct.

Check approximate international shipping price by clicking on "Modification Service Provider". A window will popup,check photo bellow. If it doesn't work, disable the auto translator temporally.

1.Shipping company
2.First kg is 83 Yuan and everything over 1kg is 22 Yuan per half kg. If you have under 1kg, you will still pay the entire kg (83 Yuan).
3.If you have between 10kg and 20kg the price per every kg will be 43 Yuan.

After you check approximate shipping, you can close this popup window and continue with check out page.
Click on "submit order" at the end of the page to pay products and domestic shipping if any. (International shipping will be paid after 2-4 days when all products are arrived at warehouse).

You will be redirected to Alipay website ( Alipay, Aliexpress, Alibaba, Taobao all belong to same owner: Jack Ma, one of the richest man in China). Alipay is like Paypal of China. If you are paying first time with Alipay, you will be asked to choose a 6 digit password for the account, set it and continue with payment process.

If you have troubles to arrive at this page, just go to your account page -> all orders / pending payments. Or click here

After payment is made successfully, you will be redirected to Taobao again.

Roadmap progress after payment:

Now, the order and payment is made we are ready for the final step.
7International Shipping

1. Go to your account -> Pending receipt or click here
2. Track your order (domestic and international)
3. Standard max shipping days, usually the products arrive in 2-4 days, if not contact the seller.
4. The product is still in pending (domestic shipping or in pending). You can click to talk with international forwarder shipping company, but you need to talk in chinese (use Google Translate).
5. When the "Processing" changes to "Pay for shipping" for all products, click it. On the next page select all the products and you will see the international shipping price at "Summary" section. Click on "Freight Settlement" to continue.

NOTE: When you click on "Freight Settlement", make sure you selected all your products, because, if you forgot some, you will need to pay again for another package.
NOTE 2 If the "Pay to shipping" button don't appear after max 5 days, contact the seller because it can be a problem. Average domestic shipping is 3-4 days!

1. Select all arrived products
2. How many free days you can keep your products at warehouse, after 20 free days, you will pay 1 yuan/day/product
3. Live chat with shipping company, only if is important for you to tell them something. (it is just luck if they speak or not english, but you can use Google Translate, it made a great job for me, just keep the message simple.)
4. Total price

Click "Freight Settlement" button, review the details on the next page and click "Submit and Pay", pay for Taobao international shipping and this is all!

You just ordered and bought from Taobao!

Do you have questions? Leave them in comments and our team will do it's best to help you.

Last updated on September 18th, 2018 at 06:08 pm

Complete Taobao guide
How to buy step by step
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