How big is Taobao and is it legit?
Is Taobao safe to buy?

How big is Taobao and is it legit?
Is Taobao safe to buy?

Short answer YES, Taobao is safe to buy, legit and bigger than you think.
Read more to convince yourself


Taobao is part of Alibaba Group which is HUGE in China and not only. Alibaba Group also owns giant companies , the most known are: Aliexpress, Yahoo China, Alipay (Paypal of China), Youku (Youtube of China). The founder Jack Ma is the richest man in China according to


Check below infographic from 2012, with sales statistics every 60 seconds!


Now check this graph below with sales increase over the years:


Taobao is most popular choice of China people, because of cheapest prices, ease and quality of service. You can find anything from food to cars or business supplies to train tickets, the possibilities are infinite.

To maintain it’s reputation, Taobao need to satisfy it’s returning consumers every time. If you have time here is “Alibaba Group Announces March Quarter 2018 Results and Full Fiscal Year 2018 Results” or you can read some quick facts below:

  • 617 million mobile monthly active users
  • 70% of customers are between 20 and 30 years old
  • 49% of customers are men
  • Taobao website is ranked 7th place in China, 54th worldwide and 5th as online shopping website


Taobao works almost exactly like Aliexpress : sellers need to have to have a government licence for a trade company and deposit a big sum of money in case of refunds, to sign up on Taobao. The difference between Aliexpress vs Taobao is that Taobao main focus is on Chinese market and customers. Hence the fact that Taobao is not have an English version yet. But this does not mean if you are foreign you can’t buy, on the contrary! Taobao ship to USA, Canada, Japan and other countries directly or indirectly via agents. Check here the Complete Taobao guide – How to buy step by step.

Is Taobao Safe?

With all the above which add Buyer Protection, it is confirmed that Taobao is safe and legit. It’s fast growing in popularity, costumers and services, Taobao is leader in China online shopping and climb fast in European and USA markets.

How to buy from Taobao?

A well explained Taobao review and step by step guide can be found here: How to buy direct from Taobao.
If you are from Europe or from a country that Taobao is not support direct shipping – you can easily use a Taobao shipping agent.

How big is Taobao and is it legit?
Is Taobao safe to buy?
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