Superbuy Review Guide,
China and Taobao agent,
Shipping to any country

Superbuy Review Guide,
China and Taobao agent,
Shipping to any country

Last updated on November 2nd, 2018 at 12:36 am

In this Superbuy review, you will find out how to buy from Taobao and other Chinese websites, what is an Agent, What is Superbuy and how to use it and more details to help you make your first order from Superbuy.


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If you are not from a country that Taobao support direct international shipping or just want to use an agent for other China online shopping site, there are services that offer shipping forward like Superbuy. What this means?

You will receive a China address with a personal storage and Superbuy agents will check products, send you photos on your request, send damaged products back, repack your products and will send you the products anywhere in the world. Continue to read to find out how to use this useful service, how much is the price and other things you should know about Superbuy.



What is Superbuy Agent?

Superbuy is an automate shipping forward service. Automate, because you can buy with an agent, without need to talk with him.  In Superbuy website add the product link you want to buy, click search and product page will be converted to Superbuy page. So when you will click Add to cart or  Buy now, the product will be bought or added to cart in your Superbuy account. So you can add products from multiple Chinese websites and buy only once with Superbuy agent. Once you placed an order, the agent will start buying products for you.


Superbuy review


Once the products arrived at your personal and free Superbuy storage room you can request also for free to  Superbuy agent, from your account to:

  • quality check the products
  • send photo/video of products
  • change the tags, package, wrapper
  • send back to seller if is damaged or not as described

When all your products are ready and you decided to get them, make another request for International Shipping and this is all, the agent will deliver your products in one or more parcel.


Superbuy Forward Service vs Superbuy Agent

Superbuy forward service is same as Agent service, the difference is you can buy products from Taobao and other Chinese websites by yourself, using the free Superbuy storage room address. In your Superbuy account you will find your unique address to your storage room in China. After the products arrive, you also can benefit for free, from Agent services like, quality checks, photos etc. and you will need to request International shipping.


Superbuy Guide


What is the price of Superbuy agent and shipping?

The price for Superbuy agent handling service and storage room is free. There is no hidden commission, but their payment will be included in international shipping price. Below is a table with shipping companies price and time / first 1kg (Note that after first kg, the price will decrease. More kg = cheaper). Also there will be a customs tax (around $2-$3) according to this Superbuy review.


Superbuy shipping price and countries

United States
CompanyUSPSEMSChina Post
Time8-15 days5-10 days15-31 days
CompanyPreferential lineEMSChina Post
Time7-15 days5-10 days15-30 days
CompanyEMSChina Post
Time5-10 days15-30 days
CompanyEUBEMSChina Post
Time10-20 days5-10 days15-30 days
CompanyDHL EconomyEMSChina Post
Time10-15 days5-10 days15-30 days
United Kingdom
CompanyDHL EconomyEMSChina Post
Time10-15 days5-10 days15-40 days
CompanyDHL EconomyEMSChina Post
Time10-15 days5-10 days15-30 days



To check all countries and different kg, click here

In which countries Superbuy deliver?

Superbuy review:  All countries are supported by Superbuy International shipping service and most popular are:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • New Zealand
  • Japan
  • France
  • Singapore
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • South Korea
  • HongKong
  • Sweden
  • Netherlands
  • Switzerland
  • Ireland
  • Denmark
  • Norway


Is Superbuy legit and safe?

Superbuy is a legit company in China and around the web with almost 100k unique visitors/day makes it most popular Taobao and China agent. With easy interface, 24/7 English live support, multiple Chinese websites support, delivery in all countries, and quality service, Superbuy is safe to use.

Superbuy Review Guide,
China and Taobao agent,
Shipping to any country
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