Taobao Refund and Buyer Protection
– How to open Dispute

Taobao Refund and Buyer Protection
– How to open Dispute

When you buy from Taobao you will always benefit of Buyer Protection, meaning in case the seller don’t respect the order, the product is damaged, never arrived or don’t fulfill description you open a dispute and Taobao refund the money back (product + domestic shipping).


Ask product photos from shipping company

You don’t need to wait for product to be in your hands to see if is not as described or damaged, you can check if the product is ok, direct from China warehouse because you can ask for pictures from warehouse workers! How cool is that?

If you are buying direct from Taobao, when the product arrive at warehouse, contact the international shipping company representative on wangwang (chat app – download here) , tell him your order number and polite ask him for some quality photos. If he don’t speak English, use Google Translate (and keep the conversation simple, with very few words, so the translator be more accurate).

At number 3, click on smiley icon to start a conversation with shipping company. You can found this page at: your Taobao account -> pending receipt or just click here.


If you are buying with an agent,   just ask him for pictures or videos. Is his job to satisfy your online shopping demands.


How to open Dispute on Taobao Refund

If you checked the photo from agent/representative and you are not satisfied or the product never arrived in 20 days, you can easily open a Dispute, the process is very self-explanatory and simple. just follow the steps and you will be fine.

taobao refund
Note: As you can see, I have the Taobao in English. To set it up in what language you want, use Google Chrome Browser, right click anywhere on website and click Translate to English.

english taobao english translate taobao


Taobao Refund and Buyer Protection
– How to open Dispute
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